Nick Flughafen Frankfurt aM July 8 2019
Nick in Dresden July 18 2019 2131.jpg
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Nick November 24 2021 1514.jpg
9636 JVA Grossenhain prison..... FINDER's KEEPERS.jpg
Nick December 14 2021 1415.jpg
Nick December 14 2021 0930.jpg
1212 3 FERAL HARLOW-EX.jpg
9636 2017 Godfather's tattooed arse.jpg
1219 SCRUBS.jpg
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1219 Eastern European prison tattoo.jpg
1217 1.jpg
9636 Inside my prison overalls.jpg

Particularly going into prison, strip searches  are always a frenetic experience, as "on the Stage in stages", all clothing comes OFF..... cock & balls hanging down; butt held OUT!

I am now covered in tattoos [267] and piercings [40],

plus genital and right arm implants.

So me standing there exposed bare ass takes time.....

is my currently 97+ x graphic page, showing all my tattoos, brands, body implants and piercings...

1211 4.jpg
1211 1.jpg
sub-incision December 15 2021 1105.jpg
Nick December 14 2021 1050.jpg

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