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Berlin - 23/24 December 2021

THE CZECH TRAINS from Dresden to Berlin are always good fun...

REAL TRAINS - not a parody of an aircraft!

The food, coffee and other refreshments are great value too.

In the Capital, I took a few buses towards the Community Health Clinic at Urbanstrasse [24].

Good results...

Then down the Sonnenallee via a great Burger to the S-Bahn railway.

Got my Christmas shopping on the excellent Sonntagstrasse in Friedrichshafen.

And had some excellent piercing jewellery changes...

A comfy night at the Inter-City Hotel, by the Ostbahnhof station.

And an adventurous DB German Rail trip via Elsterwerda and Riesa back home to my

JVA Grossenhain prison.....

What more can I ask of myself?

Happy Christmas everyone,



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