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September 12 - October 24 2021

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

On September 12, 2021, I was flying on KLM from Dresden to Amsterdam [Schiphol].

The intention was to fly onwards to London [Heathrow] and see my family; also to

attend to arrangements for sale of a small ex-Council West London property.

I have a double Corona Covid-19 Astro Zenica vaccination. Although I have medical and psychological difficulty wearing masks, I did so throughout the journey up to and including the point I was arrested by the Dutch Police. Just as the aircraft was nearing

Dutch airspace, a cabin attendant asked me [but not some Germans sitting nearby!]

to raise the level of a, so called, Mark 2 mask. Politely, I told her that, while I would do my best, this could give me major respitatory and psychological difficulty. This could be

verified by medical evidence on my Smartphone. The chief Stewardess DENNERT, who I could describe, to say the least, as rude, threatening and unprofessional, came along to threaten me. Ultimately, she had a compliance notice served on me. And me arrested on arrival at Schiphol airport. The police detained me for more than 6 hours in, with few

exceptions [fairly said], nightmare conditions including body frisking, property confiscation, and a cold empty plain cell worse than any at JVA Grossenhain prison.

For six weeks, now, this humiliating/expensive/exploitive experience has spooked me...


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